Microderm in Sydney, Australia

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Beauty Grace

This skin care and body therapy salon has three locations in Sydney. They all offer light therapy, waxing services, anti-aging skin treatments and spray tanning. Every procedure begins with a consultation that will help Beauty Grace specialists determine the best treatment for each patient.

The Elizabeth Laser & Cosmetic Medicine Centre

This medical facility located in the North of Sydney was established in 1997 by dermatologists Lesleigh Brown and Sharron Phillipson, both specialized in cosmetic procedures such as laser resurfacing, sclerotherapy, collagen replacement therapy and microdermabrasion.

The Observatory Day Spa

Located near the business centre of Sydney, this spa belongs to the Observatory Hotel, part of the Orient Express Travel chain. The spa offers facial and relaxation treatments not only to the hotel's guests, but to anyone seeking pampering procedures. Gift certificates are available online.

Fields of Beauty Salon

Open since 2003, this beauty salon offers hair dressing, relaxation and facial treatment procedures performed by trained beauty therapists that work together from the first consultation to the final recommendation for at-home product purchase.

NOTE: The information on this page was last checked for accuracy in June 2007. Please contact the clinics for up to date information.

Professionals in Australia

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Does Micro Derma Abrasion Work On Acne Marks?

A: By removing the top layer of the skin, OTC micro derma abrasion diminishes or even removes superficial acne marks. Deeper acne marks require a more invasive procedure, like a deep chemical peel or laser skin resurfacing.

Q: Microdermabration Is It Good For Fine Lines?

A: Microdermabration tool is effective on fine lines. It evens out skin texture through abrasion of the top layer of skin. The effect is a reduction or even total removal of fine lines.

Q: What Cream To Apply After Microabrasion?

A: You only need three products after microabrasion treatment: a mild cleanser to remove all micro crystals, a rich moisturizer across the treated area and generous application of sunscreen, for at least a month after treatment. If you want to speed up the recovery process, you need copper based lotions (to heal the skin), Vitamin A, C and E formulas (to increase skin elasticity) and thermal water absorbing cloths (to calm down any swellings or itchiness).

Q: Does Microdermbrasion From Oil Of Olay Work?

A: The Do-It-Yourself micodermabrasion creams from Oil Of Olay works for some people and doesn't work for others. There are many satisfied consumers who say that Oil Of Olay cream does make their face feel smother and look young. On the other hand, there are some unhappy people who say the kit is either too harsh, causing them skin irritation and breakouts, or not very effective in reducing superficial scars and fine wrinkles. The only way to find out if the kit is effective for you is to try to obtain a free sample and test the formula on your skin.

Q: Can Microdermbrasion Work While Nursing?

A: We recommend that you wait until you deliver your baby and finish the nursing period before microdermabrasia Your skin is more sensitive during pregnancy and nursing and microderm abrasion products may cause irritation or severe scarring. This procedure is also not recommended for pregnant and nursing women because hormonal changes during this period may reduce the effectiveness of the procedure.

Q: How Can Micro Derma Brasion Help Get Rid Of Hyperpigmentation?

A: Microdem abrasion cream works on hyperpigmentation. The micro-crystal flow abrades the top layer of the skin where unevenly pigmented skin cells are stuck. Several clinic microderm abrasions are required to even out skin tone and get rid of hyperpigmentation.

Q: How Can Microderm Abrasion Help Eliminate Blackheads?

A: By exfoliating the top layer of the skin, microabrasions cream cleans deep into the pore and removes excess oil and dirt that clog pores - which causes blackheads. Most blackheads are removed while more stubborn blackheads are reduced.

Q: Can You Use Microdermbrasion After Differin?

A: Microdermabasion is not recommended for Differin users. Differin works the same as Tretinoin (which prevents debris, excess oil and skin cells from clogging the pores) and increases the risk of scarring when used when having micro derma abrasion This applies to personal product and salon treatment.

Q: Does Micro Dermal Abrasion Make A Difference On Age Spots?

A: Age spots can be made less visible or even removed entirely through several microderma abrasion sessions - the flow of crystals exfoliates the top layer of the skin and evens out skin tone.

Q: Does Microderm Abrasion Make A Difference On Tattoos?

A: You can use micro dermal abrasion on tattooed skin with no risk or side effects. This skin resurfacing technique is too mild to remove tattoos.

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