How To Prepare For Cosmetic Microdermabrasion And What To Expect

I've considered many skin rejuvenation procedures before I finally settled for microabrasion and one important factor was time and hassle. I'm a busy mom, I don't have that much time on my hands. So, while the other procedures need special pre-treatment care (skin cleansing, tests, medication, doctor appointments and so on), before you can actually have it, microabrasion is a walk in the park by comparison.

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Here's what I did three years ago when I first had facial microdermabrasion.

What To Stop Using Before Microderm Abrasion

This part is important:

What Happens During Micro Dermabration Treatment

I wasn't nervous at all before my first microderma abrasion treatment but I wish someone had told me what exactly happens during the procedure so that I'm not taken by surprise. So here it is:

The doctor begins by using a deep cleansing, soothing gel or foam to remove make up, dust, impurities and natural oils from your skin (this is to improve the final micro dermabrasion yields results). You won't need a topical or local anesthetic, but you can ask for one if it makes you feel more comfortable. You'll need to take your contact lens off, if you use them. With crystal microdemabrasion (as opposed to the crystal-free, diamond-tipped microdermabrasion procedure), you'll wear special plastic goggles to prevent eye injury from stray crystals.

Finding A Microabrasion Specialist

Of course, none of the above means anything if you don't know where to get it done. I personally chose my local spa because they had a special microdermabrasion discount, but you can choose anything from a beauty salon, day spa or med spa to a cosmetic surgery, clinic, dermatology office (anyone and everyone does microderma these days).

Some people prefer the comfort of being treated by a board-certified surgeon, which is perfectly fine, but other people have no problem going to a spa or beauty center. So, set an appointment, go see them and have a good long talk before going forward. Usually, it's the doctor (or surgeon, aesthetician, dermatologist and even nurse) performing microderm abrasions who explains everything to you.

Here are a few points I would make sure to discuss:

Here are some more tips on finding a good microdermabrasion doctor. If all is well, you can schedule your first session right there and then. Cosmetic microderm abrasion only takes about 60 mins which means you don't need to take the whole day off but, for your own comfort, take half a day off (4-5 hours are usually enough for the redness to fade away).

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Who Does Micro Derm Abrasion?

A: Professional microabrasions can only be performed by trained professionals. Because it can damage the top layer of the skin if not used properly, micro derma brasion machines should only be operated by people with specific theoretical and practical training. A surgeon, dermatologist, esthetician or nurse can perform this procedure professionally after they have been specifically trained by an authorized institution (a medical facility, a cosmetic academy or a specialized company). You can use at-home micro dermabrasion kits by yourself if you carefully follow the instructions.

Q: Can Micro Abrasion Be Used For Tattoo Removal?

A: You can use microdermabrasian on tattooed skin with no risk or side effects. This skin resurfacing technique is too mild to remove tattoos.

Q: Can Microabrasion Work On Age Spots?

A: Age spots can be made less visible or even removed entirely through several microdermoabrasion treatments - the flow of crystals exfoliates the top layer of the skin and evens out irregular skin pigmentation.

Q: Can I Have Micro Dermabration After Chemical Peel?

A: Micodermabrasion is not recommended if you've had a chemical peel (glycolic acid, salicylic acid, phenol, TCA, Jessner or any other kind of peel) in the last 14 days because the two exfoliating procedures combined are too aggressive and might affect your skin's ability to recover. This applies to OTC kit and office treatment.

Q: What Are Typical Micro Derma Brasion Results?

A: According to thousands of online testimonials, do-it-yourself micro skin abrasion works on fine skin imperfections. But like with most non-surgical techniques, the effects depend on your medical condition, your body's ability to recover and on who does the procedure. Most people who have tried common microbrasion results include reducing age spots, fine lines, enlarged pores, acne scars, red marks, stretch marks and dull skin More severe skin imperfections cannot be improved with this non-invasive technique, because it only sandblasts the top layer of the skin, not being able to reach deeper layers of skin.

Q: What Are The Advantages Associated With Microdermabration?

A: One major advantage is the minimum risks and side effects associated with micro abrasion Unlike dermabrasion or laser skin resurfacing, microdermbrasion takes no more than 30-60 minutes and can be successfully used on the face as well as the body (neck, chest, back and hands). If time or money is an issue, the procedure is also available as a cheap home microdermabrasion product (well known brands include Neutrogena, Mary Kay, L'Oreal, Oil of Olay, Homedics, etc). It removes only the very top skin layer which is why it's considered to be the least invasive cosmetic procedure. It doesn't require anesthesia and has virtually no down time after treatment. It can be performed on all skin types and colors without risks and side effects.

Q: Does Nutrogena Microderma Work?

A: The Self microabrasion kit from Neutrogena is effective for some people and isn't for others. There are many happy customers who say that Nutrogena kits does make their face feel smother and look young. On the other hand, there are some unhappy people who say the kit is either too harsh, causing them skin irritation and breakouts, or not very effective in reducing superficial scars and fine wrinkles. The only way to find out if the kit is effective for you is to try to obtain a free sample and test the formula on your skin.

Q: Microabrasion Is It Recommended On Skin Texture?

A: This procedure exfoliates the top layer of skin which consists of dead skin cells. Microderm abrasian product stimulates collagen production, essential to healthy skin and also evens out skin texture and tone.

Q: Is Micro Derm Abrasion As Effective As Retin A?

A: Retin A (Tretinoin) is a Vitamin A-based solution used as treatment for acne and sun damaged skin. It is very effective as acne treatment and used for several years it helps the skin look younger. Microabrasion. however, has quicker and more visible skin resurfacing results than Retin A.

Q: Can Young People Have Micro Derm Abrasion?

A: Microdermal abrasion is safe for young people of all skin types but most doctors recommend it for patients aged 14 and older, mainly because they want to make sure that all major hormonal changes are over and the results of the procedure are as good as they can be.