Microderm in Montreal, Canada

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Dr. Gaston Dumais Dermatological and Cosmetic Laser Surgery Office

Dr. Gaston Dumais's dermatological practice is medical as well as surgical. He is amongst the Canadian pioneers in skin Laser Surgery and is regarded as an experienced Laser Surgeon, having performed more than 100,000 facial rejuvenation procedures. Treatments include laser rejuvenation, phototherapy, IPL, wrinkle resurfacing, microderm abrasion. The Mega Peel micro derma abrasion treatment they offer includes six to eight sessions, thirty minutes each.

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Laser Skin Clinic

The Laser Skin Clinic is Located in Westmount Square, Montreal. The staff explains all the options available to you: hair removal, microdermabration, anti-age injections, laser for wrinkles, cellulite.

Spa Diva

Spa Diva is a large day spa located in Les Cours Mont-Royal in the heart of downtown Montreal. They offer a wide range of facials, body treatments, massage therapies, laser hair removals and micro derm. Prices are as follows:

Dr. Arie Benchetrit's Office

Dr. Arie Benchetrit's office is located in Holiday Street. He offers cosmetic surgery, photo rejuvenation, laser, botox injections, microdermabrasion, facial peels and skin care products. He is a Board-Certified surgeon.

Eclecticlinic: The Skin Care Center

Eclecticlinic is located in St-Joseph Est. They offer traditional skin care services and alternative anti-aging treatments including Thermacool, Thermage, IPL, acne scar treatment, sun spot treatment and microbrasion.

NOTE: The information on this page was last checked for accuracy in June 2007. Please contact the surgeries for up to date information.

Professionals in Canada

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What Does Micro Derma Abrasion Do For Dry Skin?

A: Office micro skin abrasion machine is appropriate for all skin types (including those with dry skin ) because this procedure sandblasts only the outermost skin layer which is made of dead skin cells. There's no damage to live tissue which could cause scarring or severe irritation. The exfoliation process involved in beauty salon microdermabrasions helps the skin renew itself quicker and more effectively.

Q: Is Micro Derm Abrasion Dangerous If I Have Rosacea?

A: Rosacea is one of the main contraindications of microdermabrasion, because the exfoliation process worsens rosacea symptoms (redness, itchiness, flaking). Personal microdermabrasions kits are not recommended either (even though they are milder).

Q: Are There Different Types Of Microdermal Abrasion?

A: There are two different types of microdemabrasion with similar results: micro crystal and diamond micro derma abrasion. The former is the classic form of professional in-office procedure, using a high pressure flow of aluminum oxide or sodium bicarbonate micro-crystals to abrade the top layer of the skin. Crystal-free microderm is the modern version of the procedure, using a disposable or reusable diamond tip wand with an irregular surface that gently abrades the skin. Both types of microabrasion have the same results, but the diamond tip is becoming more and more popular because it can also be used on areas closer to the mouth and eyes without any risk of inhalation or ingestion. On the other hand, diamond tip microderma is also not as effective on irregular surface areas -- since there are no crystals to fit the exact irregularities of the skin.

Q: How Good Is Microderma On Red Marks?

A: By removing the top layer of the skin, beauty salon microabrasions diminishes or even removes superficial red marks. Deeper red marks require a more invasive procedure, like deep chemical peeling or laser resurfacing.

Q: How Good Is Micro Derm Abrasion On The Back?

A: OTC microdermabarasion creams can be used on your back as long as it's especially formulated as a body microdermabrasions product. Using a face microderm abrasion set on your back will not have the desired effect because it's much too mild to have a significant effect on your back. Dermatologist-performed micro derma brasion is suitable for use on the back.

Q: How Good Is Micro Dermal Abrasion On Skin Texture?

A: This procedure exfoliates the top layer of skin which consists of dead skin cells. Microdermabrastion set stimulates collagen production, essential to healthy skin and also evens out skin texture and tone.

Q: How Good Is Microbrasion On Hyperpigmentation?

A: Micoderm abrasion cream works on hyperpigmentation. The micro-crystal flow abrades the top layer of the skin where unevenly pigmented skin cells are stuck. Several office microderm sessions are required to even out skin tone and get rid of hyperpigmentation.

Q: Are There Side Effects Associated With Micro Derma Abrasion?

A: Surgeons and patients alike agree that microderm abrasion has very few side effects, like temporary discoloration of the treated area, sun sensitivity, flaking and redness. These are not abnormal reactions, but you should discuss them with your doctor if they occur.

Q: Is Micro Derm Abrasion Dangerous If I Have Rosacea?

A: Rosacea is one of the main contraindications of microdermabrasion, because the exfoliation process worsens rosacea symptoms (redness, itchiness, flaking). Personal microdermabrasions kits are not recommended either (even though they are milder).

Q: How Good Is Microdermabasion On Tattoos?

A: You can use microdermoabrasion on tattooed skin with no risk or side effects. This skin resurfacing technique is too mild to remove tattoos.

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