Where to Find Microdermabrasion Courses and Training?

Who Can Perform Microderm Abrasion?

Anyone can use a home microdermabrasion kit but only licensed professionals can use use a professional microdermabrasion machines (dermatologists, surgeons, nurses, trained aesthetician, etc). My syster Jennifer is a nurse in our local hospital and she helped me research how microderm abrasion training and certification works.

Microdermabrasion training is relatively new in the US and the UK and regulations regarding certification for performing microderm vary from state to state and country to country. It's important to understand that training and regulations are necessary because a microderm abrasion machine can damage the skin if it's not used properly. You need specific knowledge and skills to perform it correctly.

Micro Dermabrasion Training & Certifications

The purpose of unified microdermabrasion training regulations is, first and foremost, to make treatment as safe as possible for us, patients and secondly, to ensure less liability for the person performing the procedure.

For example, in South Carolina, a doctor must at least supervise the procedure while being performed by an aesthetician, whereas in Florida any trained spa staff member can perform micro dermabrasion on the face or neck.

For someone to perform professional in-office micro dermabration, they need to complete a supervised 14 to 30 hour training and pass a practical exam with the institution offering the course. These institutions can be large spas, vocational schools, dermatology clinics, beauty academies or micro abrasion machine manufacturers.

Cost of Microdermabration Courses

The cost of a micro derm abrasion course varies on who offers it and its duration.

Where To Find Microdermabrasion Courses

If you are interested in microdermabrasion training, search for an aesthetics or beauty school in your state and find out what their terms and conditions are. Choose a training that offers hands-on courses with experienced practitioners and also provides specific knowledge about skin and skin disorders and aging.

A good microdermabrasion course will teach students:

Next, a few tips on home microdermabrasion treatments.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How Can Microabrasion Help Erase Fine Lines?

A: Microdermbrasion cream is effective on fine lines. It evens out skin texture through abrasion of the top layer of skin. The effect is a reduction or even total removal of fine lines.

Q: Microdermbrasion Vs AHAs. Which Is Better??

A: AHAs are used as light chemical peels. They remove the uppermost layer of skin. Light chemical peels and microdermation are both non-invasive procedures that can also be performed at-home with special consumer kits. Neither has any major risks or side-effects and both have limited effectiveness. They can help diminish or even remove superficial scarring and wrinkles, age spots, stretch marks and uneven skin texture. For deeper skin imperfections, you may need a more invasive procedure.

Q: Microdermabrasion Which Is Best?

A: The only one who can give you the right answer on this one is your doctor. He or she can tell you whether home kits or professional (crystal or diamond tipped microdermabrasian ) treatment is best.

Q: Does Micro Abrasion Work On Your Neck?

A: Home macrodermabrasion sets can be used on your neck as long as it's especially formulated as a face micro dermabration system (unless otherwise stated). Using a body microdermabrasia cream on your neck may be too harsh and result in irritation. Specialist micro derma brasion is suitable for use on the neck.

Q: Does Microdermabrasion From Philosophy Work?

A: The Home micro derm abrasion products from Philosophy is effective for some people and isn't for others. There are many happy customers who say that Philosophy product does make their skin look younger and feel smother. However, there are some unhappy consumers who say the kit is either too aggressive, causing them skin irritations and break-outs, or not very effective in removing fine scars and wrinkles. The only way to find out if the product works for you is to try to get a free sample and test the formula on your face.

Q: How Can Microderma Help Get Rid Of Blotchy Skin?

A: This procedure exfoliates the top layer of skin which consists of dead skin cells. Micro abrasion set stimulates collagen production, essential to a beautiful skin complexion and also evens out skin texture and tone.

Q: Does Micro Dermal Abrasion Work While Pregnant?

A: We recommend that you wait until you deliver your baby and finish the nursing period before microdermabrasian Your skin is more sensitive during pregnancy and nursing and microderm abrasions cream may cause irritation or severe scarring. This procedure is also not recommended for pregnant and nursing women because hormonal changes during this period may reduce the effectiveness of the procedure.

Q: Do Doctors Recommend Microdermabasion?

A: Yes, many doctors recommend microdermibrasion to patients who want to get rid of acne scars, fine lines, stretch marks, clogged and enlarged pores, age spots and dull skin.

Q: How Can Microbrasion Help Remove Hyper Pigmentation?

A: Microderm kit is effective on hyper pigmentation. The micro-crystal flow abrades the top layer of the skin where unevenly pigmented skin cells are stuck. Several professional micro derma abrasion sessions are required to even out skin tone and get rid of hyper pigmentation.

Q: How Can Microdermabasion Help Treat Large Pores?

A: Micoderm abrasion creams stimulate collagen growth which is why it works on large pores. Collagen production is stimulated through skin exfoliation. Furthermore, the vacuum function of most microdermabration machines sucks out hardened oil, dust and other dirt which may clog your pores. This way, the oil in the glands can again reach the surface of your skin and your pores can return to their natural shape and size.