Review of Estee Lauder Idealist Micro-D Kit

I haven't tried Idealist Micro-D yet, but my good friend Donna is a fan of this product ever since she first used it in 2006. The home microderm abrasion kit from Estee Lauder is an expensive cream based on special ingredients that are kept secret by the company. I personally don't like to buy products without knowing what's in them, but Donna trusts Estee Lauder enough to use their Idealist Micro-D on regular basis.

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How Does Estee Lauder Idealist Micro-D Work?

The Idealist Micro-D cream comes in a 2.5 oz jar that costs $46 and is available online and in most beauty shops and drugstores. The cream works in two steps.

First, there's the thermal action: when you spread the cream onto the face, it warms up, helping pores to quickly open up. As a result, the cream penetrates deeper into the pores to thoroughly clean them by dislodging impurities -- thus preparing the skin for the second step: the exfoliation.

The abrasive agents are three types of spherical micro crystals: large microcrystalline spheres, medium bamboo spheres and small jade spheres. When massaged into the skin, these particles gently exfoliate away impurities, and dead and damaged skin cells.

When I first heard about the thermal action, I was absolutely sure the Idealist Micro-D cream contains alpha or beta hydroxy acids, because they usually dissolve in water, forming a white warm foam and burning away skin cells, but Estee Lauder representatives say their product contains no chemical peeling agents.

I have no idea what other ingredient can cause this type of thermal reaction, but as soon as I solve the mystery I will share the precious information with you.

How To Use Estee Lauder Idealist Micro-D Kit

Donna uses the Idealist cream as a treatment once a week and also as a radiance booster before major events like wedding or special business meetings. This is what she does:

  1. She cleanses her face with make-up remover and water.
  2. She applies a thin layer of Idealist Micro-D cream on damp skin and waits for one minute.
  3. She massages it into skin using circular motions, starting with her chin and moving out towards her hairline.
  4. She rinses thoroughly under the shower, and lets the skin to rest for one hour before applying a nourishing cream or her liquid foundation.

What Does Estee Lauder Micro Dermabrasion Do?

Donna likes the Estee Lauder Idealist cream because it makes her pores smaller, the fine lines on her forehead and neck less visible and her entire face radiant.

She experienced no side effects, but there are consumers who say the cream made their skin break out in tiny whiteheads and red spots. Other unhappy consumers talk about how Idealist seems too gentle and they apply too much pressure, ending up with scratched skin. On the other hand, most users agree that the Idealist formula is effective against fine lines, enlarged pores and dull skin, while a few complain about the high price of the product.

Bottom line, Estee Lauder Idealist Micro-D cream has good results, but it's expensive and may cause breakouts.

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