Microdermabrasion Versus Facials

One time when I went with my friend Donna to the spa for her weekly massage, the receptionist asked me if I wanted to try their new microdermabrasion facial. I have had both microderm abrasion and facials in the past but never a microdermabrasion facial. As far as I knew, derm abrasion and facials were two different cosmetic procedures.

Before continuing, you might want to read about the top home microdermabrasion kits reviewed and compared by myself and my friends (I really like home microderm systems because they are convenient to use and don't break the bank) or find out more about doctor-performed microdermabrasion.

Micro dermabrasion is a mild exfoliation procedure, while a facial is a complex cosmetic treatment that includes soft peeling among other procedures. Unlike facials, which can be performed by trained cosmeticians only, in spas and beauty salons, micro derm abrasion can be done in doctors' offices, spas or even at home.

Furthermore, the results of the two procedures are different: micro abrasion fights superficial skin imperfections, like scars, wrinkles, age spots, blemishes, enlarged pores and stretch marks, whereas facials clean, hydrate, and relax the skin.

Even if they don't have dramatic results, facials are extremely popular, mostly because they include the latest cosmetic procedures (microdermabrasion, chemical peelings and oxygen masks) at low prices.

Facials have yet another advantage: the procedure can be changed to suit specific patient needs. My local beauty salon, for example, offers facials for acne prone, dry, oily, sensitive, and mature skin.

Typical Facial Treatment

A typical facial has the following steps:

  1. Deep cleansing with professional products.
  2. Thorough skin analysis under a magnifying lamp.
  3. Exfoliation and opening of the pores with a steamer directed towards the face.
  4. Blackhead extraction (if needed).
  5. Additional cleansing on extraction areas.
  6. Facial muscle relaxation massage.
  7. Special mask designed for the patient's skin type (dry, oily, combination, mature, acne prone, sensitive).
  8. Toner, hydrating serum and SPF creams.
  9. Further advice on personal skin care.

This entire process lasts about 60-90 minutes and needs to be repeated once every two months for long-lasting results. Facials cost between $50 and $200.

I went back to the spa for a waxing session and asked my beautician about the micro dermabrasion facial. She told me that a microderm facial is a regular facial where the exfoliation (step 3) is replaced with a short micro derma abrasion session. It sounds interesting, maybe I'll try it sometime.

Bottom line, facials are recommended for clearing away acne or if the skin needs to be hydrated, or refreshed, while microdemabrasion is better at diminishing acne scars, fine lines and other superficial skin imperfections.

Next, a few tips on home microdermabrasion treatments.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Does Micro Derm Abrasion Work For Getting Healthy-Looking Skin?

A: Healthy-looking skin needs elasticity and density, both achievable through skin cell renewal. Micrdermabrasion cream abrades the outermost skin layer and stimulates skin renewal. An effective skin renewal process results in increased elasticity and density. Moreover, the vacuum function of the microabrasion device sucks up dirt and hardened oil to reveal an even skin texture and tone.

Q: Microdermal Abrasion Is It Effective On The Decollete?

A: Self microderm abrasian sets can be used on your decollete as long as it's especially formulated as a body microdermbrasion system. Using a face microdermabration machine on your decollete will not have the desired effects because it's much too mild to have a significant effect on your back. Surgeon-performed micro derma abrasion is suitable for use on the decollete.

Q: Does Micro Derma Brasion Help Eliminate Fine Lines?

A: Micro dermabration tool is effective on fine lines. It evens out skin texture through abrasion of the top layer of skin. The effect is a reduction or even total removal of fine lines.

Q: How Often Can You Have Micro Derma Brasion For Full Effect?

A: If we are talking about at-home microdermoabrasion. you should follow the instructions that come with the product (some are made for every-other day use, others can be applied only once a week). beauty salon micodermabrasion is a whole different thing: the sessions need to be scheduled at least 1-2 weeks apart, so that the skin has enough time to heal. After you finish your treatment, you will need a maintenance session once every 2-3 months.

Q: Can I Have Micro Derm Abrasion On Scarring?

A: By removing the top layer of skin, micro dermabration evens out skin texture and helps remove superficial scarring. Deeper scars needs more invasive non-surgical techniques, like deep chemical peeling or laser facial resurfacing.