Review of HoMedics Total Facial Care System

Two months had passed since my first professional micro dermabrasion treatment. The results were still obvious: diminished lines and acne scars, smaller pores, fewer sun spots.

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All I wanted at the time was to maintain them. Even though most of the Homedics online reviews weren't very enthusiastic, I decided to give this product a chance anyway, mostly because my local spa uses Homedics products and my beautician is very pleased with how they work. I bought the Total Facial Care System online for $28.

How Does Homedics Total Facial Care System work?

I bought the Homedics kit at the end of May 2005. I ordered it online and it arrived two weeks later.

I was surprised to see how many products I'd received for only $28: a single-speed battery-operated rotating resurfacing tool, microderm abrasion cream (with professional-like aluminum oxide crystals), hydrating facial cream, alcohol-free toner, 4 application sponges, two suction heads for pore cleaning (a small head and a larger one), a large cleansing brush and a large storage case (I liked this one a lot, I keep my make-up products in it).

How To Use The Homedics System

Homedics say to use the kit once a week, but after two weeks of no improvement, I increased frequency to once every 4 nights hoping for at least some results. This is what I did:

  1. Cleaned my face with my usual make-up remover. The instructions say to use the HoMedics cleansing brush to better remove dust and excess oil. I tried that, but didn't like the feeling of harsh plastic hairs on my skin.
  2. Cleaned my pores with the two suction heads. I used the large one on my forehead and cheeks while the small head was perfect for the nose and chin. They remove even minute impurities from your pores.
  3. Applied a quarter size amount of crystal cream onto the sponge and massage the cream into the skin for 3 minutes.
  4. Rinsed the face thoroughly.
  5. Applied the toner onto the face with a cotton pad.
  6. Applied a dime size amount of hydrating cream with circular moves. The instructions say to use the rotating device for applying the cream. I tried using it, but had the feeling that the device head didn't spread the cream evenly. In the end, my own fingers proved to be better.

What Does the HoMedics System Do?

I bought the Total Facial Care System because I knew Homedics to be a trustworthy company. I expected the product to help maintain the results from my professional micro dermabrasion treatment but unfortunately, the Homedics System didn't deliver.

I have to admit I was a bit skeptical from the beginning when I saw how many products I had received for only $28. Despite all this, I believe I gave the system a fair chance, using it for almost two months.

The resurfacing device felt quite fragile. Sometimes it would stop working for no reason at all, then start again after a few seconds. I didn't get the chance to ask Homedics for a replacement, but many consumers say they had the same problem and Homedics were very quick to replace the broken device.

The aluminum oxide crystal cream, on the other hand, was good. It didn't cause any adverse reactions, though I did get a mild rash from the toner and stopped using it immediately.

The hydrating cream was too oily for my complexion and I had to replace it with my regular nourishing night cream. The cleansing brushes were too harsh for me. The massage sponges, on the other hand, were very good. The pore cleaning heads are a nice invention, but I don't believe they are very effective.

After using the Total Facial Care System for 7 weeks, I saw no major improvement. My lines and age spots were still there, more visible than when I first started using the Homedics System. However, my pores were smaller and my face was cleaner, but I could have easily achieved that with my daily skin routine.

I browsed forums and chatting groups for other people's opinions about this microderma home-kit. The most popular benefits are that it leaves the skin clean and glowing. Some consumers say that the Homedics kit successfully diminished their fine lines and scars, while others complain about the rotating device breaking down easily and the sponges lasting only a few uses.

Bottom line, the Homedics home microdermabrasion system is an average product. It's affordable and some people had good results with it, but not me. I have tried several kits after the Homedics product and Dermanew is now one of my favorites.

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