How To Choose The Right Microdermabrasion Products

I've always treated my skin as one of my most valuable assets. I choose my skin care treatments and products very carefully. First, I thoroughly analyze my skin problems and identify the best available treatment. Then I ask myself whether I should have the procedure at home or in a professional environment. What products should I buy? How much should I spend? What are my expectations?

I am now 35. My skin has minor imperfections -- age spots, fine lines, stretch marks and the occasional blemishes. After trying several treatments, I've decided that microderm abrasion is the best cosmetic procedure for my skin type and condition. I'm having full professional treatments each spring, followed by several home kits for maintenance.

My skin looks better now than it did three years ago, when I first had micro dermabrasion. My parents, who see me twice a year on during the summer and winter holidays, say I look fantastic. This is exactly what I expect from a good cosmetic regimen.

How To Get Started

The best way to start your rejuvenating program is with a complete series of professional micro dermabrasion. Let your skin rest for 2 weeks, then use at home kits for maintenance. You can get good results for about $2,000 a year.

If you can't afford to have professional microdermabrasion (the average price for a session is around $150), then you have to find a good at-home product. What I did was read everything there was to know about as many products as I could, set a budget and buy the kit that seemed to answer my needs best.

The Patch Test

After buying the kit, I patch test every product separately. First, I test the most important thing in the kit: the micro crystals cream: I apply it on a small skin area, then I wait for 48 hours. If no negative reactions appear (rashes, itchiness, dry areas, breakouts, excessive redness), the cream can be massaged onto the entire face (and/or neck and body).

The next thing I do is patch test the after-care lotion, and, if there are any other products in the kit, I gradually introduce them in my skin care routine. This way I can see which one is causing side effects in order to replace it with other products that don't. I use my regular make up remover instead of the kit cleanser, for example, or my usual night cream instead of a replenishing kit formula that may be too oily for me.

My experience taught me that best results come from using products designed to work together. However, if one of the kit creams and lotions causes side effects while the others work well, there is no reason to give up the entire kit because of that one product.

Let's say you've finally found a microderm kit with products that cause no side effects. Use it 3-4 times and closely monitor the results. If after 14 days you notice only minute improvements or no improvement at all, you have your verdict: the micro derma brasion kit doesn't work.

I've tried lots of microderm abrasion products that didn't work, but I never give up. I let my skin recover for a week, then I move on to another product that seems to be a good candidate and start the testing process all over again. To help you choose, I made a list of the most popular products for common skin imperfections.

Best Home Microderm Kits For Specific Needs And Budgets

Low Budget Options High Budget Options
Dull skin L'Oreal Refinish - $20 Clinique - $45
Dr. Brandt - 75$
Mild acne Dr. Denesse - $35 Dermanew Acne & Oil Clarifying System - $70
Superficial scars Youthful Essence - $40 Dermanew - $75
Visage Naturel - $100
Fine lines Youthful Essence - $40 Dermanew - $75
Visage Naturel - $100
Dermapower - $130
Blotchy skin Olay Regenerist - $20 Philosophy Microdelivery Peel - $65
Dermanesse - $80
Enlarged & clogged pores Estee Lauder - $46 Mary Kay - $55
Philosophy Microdelivery Peel - $65
Lancome - $86
Spots (age, sun, freckles, melasma) Pond's - $14 Microdermx - $75
Uneven skin tone Neutrogena - $25
Homedics - $30
Micro Pearl Abrasion - $40
Stretch marks L'Oreal Body Expertise Refinish - $24 Dermanew Body System - $80

* Prices are approximate and are subject to change.

Perseverance is essential. I have been trying home microderma abrasion kits for three years now and but still haven't found the perfect product. What I have found is a bunch of products that have good results with no adverse reactions. Feedback from friends, online reviews and women magazines can help you form a general idea about what you could try.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Does Micro Derm Abrasion Help Men?

A: Men can use micro derm abrasion just as women can. The procedure and results are the same, there are no side effects or risks. The procedure and results are the same, there are no side effects or risks.

Q: Can Micro Derm Abrasion Leave Your Skin Red?

A: Yes, redness of the skin is one of the side effects of professional micro derma brasion The redness will disappear in a few hours after the procedure.

Q: Does Micro Derm Abrasion Help Remove Blotchy Skin?

A: This procedure exfoliates the top layer of skin which consists of dead skin cells. Microdermabrasia system stimulates collagen production, essential to a beautiful face complexion and also evens out skin texture and tone.

Q: What Is In A Typical Microdermbrasion Kit?

A: All micro skin abrasion kits contain a micro crystal cream that has to be applied with your fingers, a sponge or a rotating applicator. You also get microdermabrasion cloths or sponges, a hand held cream applicator or some pre and post care products, depending on the brand and on how much you are willing to spend.

Q: How Often To Use Microbrasion For Best Results?

A: At-home micodermabrasion should be used according to the instructions that come with the product (some are made for every-other day use, others can be applied only once a week). specialist derma microabrasion is a whole different thing: the sessions need to be scheduled at least 1-2 weeks apart, so that the skin has enough time to heal. After you finish your treatment, you will need a maintenance session once every 2-3 months.