Hello everyone,

I am Joanna, a 35-year old, stay-at-home mom with a young spirit and eager want to look young today AND 20 years from now. I've always been into skin care products and I've tried everything. Just about. I don't have the time or money to try every product ever invented.

There hasn't been a single week over the last 20 years when my skin hasn't caused me frustrations. First, there was this ugly scar I got from playing with my sister in an oak tree when I was 5 (I fell, and one of the branches badly scratched my right cheek). It took me years to finally accept that the deep, 10-inch scar on my cheek was there to stay. It wasn't easy, not with a nickname like Scarface (kids are mean). Then disaster struck.

The nightmare of all teenagers came to life around my 16th birthday: acne. Four years and a million treatments later, the acne went away, but left my face covered in pitted scars. I still get pimples every now and then.

I got my first sun spots on my arms and chest when I was 23 and my first pregnancy, at 25, brought along a new, permanent set of stretch marks on my belly. Twenty years have passed since my Scarface period and my age is starting to show: my skin is less elastic, I have fine lines around my eyes and mouth, and my face just doesn't glow as it used to when I was young.

Unlike my mother and grandmother, I have access to information. Fortunately, information is what enables me to fight time and gravity. I'm also quite adventurous -- I am willing to try almost anything that sounds sane and logical (which accounts for my large collection of used skincare products).

Three years ago, I won a computer course at a radio contest. That's when I first got online and discovered tens of beauty forums, chat rooms and skin disorder groups that share experiences and thoughts on how to look and feel better despite any imperfections you might have. It was like virtual candy! I read, contributed and shared my experiences with other people.

I used to keep a regular diary on everything I tried: Proactive, March - September 2004, side effects and average results; Dermabrasion - 2001, terrible pain and itchiness, good results; Mild chemical peel - 2005, no result whatsoever, and so on. You see, I have tried so many products over the last few years that I started losing track. I contribute on daily basis to forums and groups, but I believe that a well organized online diary would be much more helpful than a bunch of short posts scattered all over the net.

That's how skinabrasion.net was born. I figured that a website would be the best way to share my experience with other people who are now in the position I was once in myself. I had the means (my husband gave me a laptop for my 33rd birthday), skills (I can type, browse and know how to build a basic website), knowledge, and the enthusiasm to make it work.

Why skinabrasion? Of all the things I've tried so far, microdermabrasion was what impressed me most. I want to share with you everything I know about microderm and skin rejuvenation. Most of it does come from personal experience.

Please note that I am not a trained dermatologist. I am just constantly searching for ways to keep my skin (and body) young. Sure, there are times when I don't have the time or money to try a particular product or procedure but that's where my 4 friends and older sister come in.

They are all modern, beautiful women who want to look and feel young long after they're 40. We've known each other for a long time and have always shared our experiences. I trust their opinions -- that's why I've decided to add their voices to my website to fill any gaps I was unable to fill myself.

Well, that's our beauty expert gang. I hope you find the information on this website useful. And if you have found the perfect rejuvenation product or procedure, please let me know, because I haven't. I will definitely give it a try.


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