Does Medical Insurance Pay For Microdermabrasion?

I wish it did. It would have saved me around $7,500 - the total cost of both the professional and personal microdermabrasion treatments I had so far. But since microderm abrasion is considered to be a cosmetic procedure and not a medical one, health insurance policies don't cover it. There are a few exceptions though.

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I remember a woman from Atlanta writing on a beauty forum once that her comprehensive medical insurance covered around 80% of the micro derm abrasion treatment she had for some old burn scars on her face. I was already considering microderma at that time, so the idea of having my treatment covered by my medical insurance was great news.

Unfortunately, online information about insurance policies was scarce so I decided to pay a visit to my health insurance provider to see whether they would cover the cost of my microabrasion treatment.

How To Get Insurance Coverage For Microderm

Bad news: cosmetic procedures performed for aesthetic purposes only are not covered by medical insurance, although some companies include a few exceptions in their policy, such as major surgery scars, severe burn scars, pre-cancerous growths, and hypo/hyper pigmentations.

If you want to have micro dermabrasion for any of the reasons above, talk to your insurance representative before starting your treatment. If you are lucky and they do cover the resurfacing procedure, then you will have to undergo treatment in one of the clinics approved by the insurance company.

Basically, microderma is not usually covered by health insurance but you may get it covered if the treatment is for post surgery scars, severe burn or injury scars, precancerous lesions or other medical skin conditions. Remember that only professional treatments done in medical facilities can be covered, whereas spa microdermabrasion and at home kits cannot.

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