Comparison of Popular Microderm Products

These are the top five most popular at-home microdermabrasion kits:

I've used each and every one of them for 2 months or more. My personal favorite is Youthful Essence, followed closely by Dermanew, and I'm quite pleased with the latest one I've tried, Personal Microderm System. The Neutrogena, Philosophy and L'Oreal kits are, in my opinion, overrated.

I receive lots of e-mails from people asking me what the best microderm abrasion kit is. I don't like to recommend particular products, because skin care is a very personal thing. A product that worked perfectly for me may cause severe irritations to you. All I can do is share my knowledge and experience about micro dermabrasion in general and several home kits in particular.

Value For Money

The most important criteria when choosing a personal skin abrasion product is effectiveness versus price. Youthful Essence by Susan Lucci has in my opinion the best value for money. Although it's not very expensive ($40), it is almost as effective as the professional procedure. In two months, Youthful Essence diminished the fine lines on my forehead and the few sun spots on my cheeks.

Next in line is Dermanew, an expensive kit that best imitates the professional procedure. It costs around $100, but it's worth every cent. It contains a very good resurfacing tool, a few sponges and lots of before and after care products. They all worked very well on my skin. In three months, the Dermanew Home System faded pimple scars and fine lines, removed black and whiteheads, made my pores smaller and gave my face a fresh healthy look.

Microdelivery is far too expensive for the results it delivers. Neutrogena ($34) and L'Oreal ($24) are affordable, but not very effective in diminishing skin imperfections. Neutrogena does fade sun and age spots, but does nothing against scars and wrinkles. L'Oreal Refinish has quick results on dull skin, but so do the usual scrubs.

I would definitely pay the extra $6 to buy the Susan Lucci kit instead of the Neutrogena At-Home Microdermabrasion System.

Unique Benefits

Another thing I take into consideration before investing in a cosmetic product is its unique benefit. What makes a micro dermabrasion kit special?

With Dermanew Home System, the unique benefit is that Dermanew is a company specialized in developing micro derm abrasion products. All the knowledge, money and inspiration of the Dermanew skin specialists are invested in this particular product. I believe this is one of the main reasons why their Home System is so effective.

Microdelivery is different because it combines mechanical exfoliation, with lactic acid and Vitamin C to remove damaged skin cells. Neutrogena has the best microderm abrasion body cream on the market, while L'Oreal is affordable and has quick results on dull skin.

Youthful Essence by Susan Lucci is special because it contains some of the best before and after treatment products available today. My experience showed me that products designed by the same company work together better than items from different brands.


Another thing to consider before making a decision is the product's drawbacks. Fortunately, online communities now give us access to other people's feedback whereas a few years back, advertising material was all we had to go on. Customers share their experience so that we know exactly whether and how the product works. Negative reviews are particularly relevant. So here is what I didn't like about the kits I've tried:

L'Oreal made my skin break out, while Youthful Essence has many steps and products, and hence is more difficult to use. The best kit I've ever tried, Dermanew, is very expensive and can only be bought online. Neutrogena on the other hand is affordable, but its results fade away quickly. Last but not least, Microdelivery Peel is expensive and not very effective.