Review of Peter Thomas Roth Micro-Dermabrasion

I didn't have the time to try the at home micro dermabrasion formula from Peter Thomas Roth because it was launched only a few months ago. As soon as I get my hands on a sample, I will try it and share my experience with you. Meanwhile, the review is based on consumer reviews and articles on how this product works on superficial scars, fine lines, age spots and dull skin.

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How Does Peter Thomas Roth Kit Work?

The cream can be bought online or in beauty stores for $50 and it contains aluminum oxide micro crystals and phospholipids, a natural skin ingredient that moisturizes and protects skin cells.

One thing I find interesting about this product is the fact that it also uses small concentrations of alpha hydroxy and beta hydroxy acids as additional exfoliating agents.

The official presentation of the Peter Tomas Roth Microdermabrasion cream says this combination of mechanical and chemical exfoliation makes the product more effective in resurfacing the skin, but I believe the cocktail of skin cell removal agents may be too aggressive for an at-home product.

How To Use The Peter Thomas Roth Kit

The instructions written on the box say to use the cream 1-3 times per week for best results. This is what you should do:

  1. Dampen skin with warm water.
  2. Slowly and gently massage the cream into the skin using circular motions for 2-4 minutes.
  3. Rinse well under the shower, let skin rest for one hour, then apply your regular moisturizer on the treated areas

What Does Peter Thomas Roth Microderm Abrasion Do?

Since none of the people I know have ever used this at home microderma kit, I have no first or second hand feedback yet. Unfortunately, the consumer reviews on the Thomas Roth cream are also scarce, probably because the product is still somewhat new.

The few reports I found online talk about how the cream makes fine lines less visible and pores smaller, but on the other hand people complain about the high price of the product.

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