Review of Ponds Purely Polished

My good friend Terry is using the Pond's personal microdermabrasion system for a few months now and she says this is one of the best cosmetic products she has ever tried.

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And that's indeed something, since working in a drugstore allows Terry to receive (and test try) tens of free cosmetic samples every day. She likes to use most of these products or share them with her best friends (me, Donna, Dominique, Jennifer and Rhiana), so that we can try some of the things we are interested in.

While helping me write this review about Ponds Purely Polished, Terry almost convinced me that this microderm abrasion kit is one of the most effective and safe at home kits ever invented. The truth is I've tried several ponds products and they are indeed non-comedogenic (they don't clog pores), hypoallergenic and colorant free.

How Does Pond's Purely Polished Work?

Terry buys her Purely Polished 4.4 oz jar from the beauty shop for $14. The pond's box has a pink quartz crystal cream and small sponge applicator.

This type of crystals is not very common in personal abrading kits, but Terry thinks they work very well because they are not very harsh and, combined with the sponge massage, they do a great job at removing dead and damaged skin cells. This is how Terry has been using the ponds kit in the last three months, ever since she tried the free Purely Polished sample she received at work.

How To Use The Ponds Purely Polished Kit

Terry likes to use the kit in the evening just before going to bed, because it leaves her skin red for a couple of hours and she has to look perfect at work. This is what she does:

  1. She cleans her face with warm water, wets the sponge portion of the applicator with water and dips into the crystal cream.
  2. She gently massages her skin with the sponge applicator using circular motions for no more than 45 seconds.
  3. She rinses her face in the shower, cleans the sponge with warm water and lets it air dry before putting it into its box.

What Does Ponds Microdermabrasion Do?

Terry has beautiful skin: no acne or acne scars, no oily complexion, no dry or sensitive areas. She does have some freckles that become visible during sunny days, occasional blemishes and some fine lines around her mouth, and because the ponds kit has helped her diminish all these tiny imperfections, she has decided to use it on regular basis.

"The cream is not harsh like many other micro dermabrasion creams, and the sponge is very easy to handle. Furthermore, the treatment doesn't take more than 2 minutes, not to mention the fact that this is the cheapest at home kit available. I really like Purely Polished, it diminished my freckles on the nose and fine lines around the mouth, it made my pores smaller, and, what's most important for me, caused no adverse reactions".

Ponds Purely Polished is a very popular product online, probably because of its low price and good results. Most consumers say the kit is effective on dull skin, fine lines, age spots and enlarged pores, not to mention that it also makes skin more luminous after the first 2 uses.

Some of the users also say they like the way make up glides on their faces after the purely polished treatment. On the other hand, some upset users talk about how the sponge is clumsy and the plastic handle scratches their skin during the massage, while others claim that the cream isn't very good for their oily complexions.

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