Microdermabrasion During Pregnancy or Nursing Period

"Can I have microdermabrasion if I am pregnant?" This is a very popular question on most beauty forums and discussion groups. Unfortunately, the answer is No. You cannot have professional or at home microderm abrasion while pregnant or nursing.

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Skin loses shine and elasticity during pregnancy. I was pregnant twice and my skin has never looked duller than during my pregnancy months. Furthermore, many expectant women also develop a skin disorder called melasma (brown spots appear on the forehead, cheeks, around the mouth and eyes).

Although micro derm abrasion is a great treatment for melasma (as is for any other pigmentation problem), you cannot have it until you deliver and finish breast feeding your baby.

Hormonal changes during pregnancy also make your skin more sensitive. At home microdermabration kits are not a good idea, because they might cause adverse reactions -- breakouts, irritations, blemishes, excessive dryness and itchiness. In-office treatments aren't safe for pregnant women either, because the skin may react adversely to before and after treatment products.

Moreover, hormonal changes also slow down the skin's recovery process. New skin cells take longer to form and reach the surface, allowing for scars and hypo pigmentation spots to appear on the treated skin.

Another risk of microdermabrasion during pregnancy is a total lack of results. That happens when the exfoliation process fails to stimulate collagen production and skin cell renewal, which in effect would turn the micro dermabrasion treatment into nothing more than a regular scrub.

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