Retin-A and Micro Dermabrasion Treatment

Every time I go to the spa for my microdermabrasion session, my cosmetician asks me if I'm on Retin A treatment. Last time I went for my abrasion, I asked her why Retin A and microderma abrasion don't go well together.

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The first thing she told me was that anyone having microdermabrasion should stop using Retin A products at least 5 days before and 2 weeks afterwards. Retin A is used in small concentrations in anti-acne and anti-aging creams because it makes the skin thicker, more elastic, smoother, and fresher.

The beautician also explained in detail how Retin-A works. It reaches deep into the lower skin layers and accelerates the skin renewal process by making the cells divide faster and organize themselves better. Retin-A also speeds up collagen production, making dead and damaged skin cells shed faster.

To conclude, daily Retin A treatments improve skin texture through an exfoliation process that makes your skin very sensitive. By combining two resurfacing treatments like Retin A and micro dermabrasion, you risk severe injuries, irritations, excessive dryness, inflammations, permanent scarring and hypo or hyper pigmentations. Your skin needs a few days in between exfoliating procedures to recover.

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