Review of the Personal Microderm Home System

Joanna, the Home Microdermabrasion Expert reviews the PMD System

While Youthful Essence has been one of my favorite home microdermabrasion kits for years, I've recently heard of a new product called Personal Microderm System (sold by SkincareRX).

Everyone knows that I've been a keen fan of both office and personal microdermabrasion since 2005 and make it my mission to try new home kits which show great potential. So when reviews of the personal microderm microdermabrasion system started popping up on beauty blogs around the Internet, I thought it's time to try it for myself and see whether it really compares to the many other home tool kits I've been using over the years.

Here's how I got on with it.

I did have reservations about trying this particular dermabrasion system, I must admit. Partly because most of the in depth reviews I've read were from women who had received the product for consideration and the reviews were consistently positive. And partly because of its extraordinary claims.

The Personal Microderm System is a small hand-held machine which does the exfoliation for you and unlike most of the other products on the market it can be used time and time again, with just the exfoliation discs needing to be replaced once in a while.

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As you may already know, I am used to paying for personal microdermabrasion kits which are used once and I don't usually pay over $50 or $60. So the thought of spending around $180 on a home dermabrasion kit made my eyes water. Then I thought of how much I have spent over the years on microdermabrasions (both home treatment and office sessions) and I did the maths on how much I would save in the long term if it really worked. This, together with the good reviews from other women convinced me to bite my lip and get the credit card out.

The system claims to improve skin-tone and texture, and reduce signs of aging such as age spots and fine wrinkles. I also found quite a few reviews from people with acne scarring who found that it did improve their skin very effectively. I have now been using it for around 4 months and here are the results.

How Does Personal Microderm System Work?

The system costs $179 (you can buy the system from SkincareRX). Bearing in mind that this is the most I have ever spent on a home dermabrasion kit, I was looking for some spectacular results. The box included:

The exfoliating discs fit onto the unit and they use the same material (aluminium oxide crystals) as the top-of-the-range professional systems used in clinics -- another factor which persuaded me to give this a try. These discs are the only part of the system which need to be replaced on a regular basis (usually every 3 treatments) and cost around $15 for a pack of six. So the on-going costs are fairly low. The great thing is that these discs come in three sensitivity levels and two sizes:

How To Use The PMD Kit

Following the instructions, I used the system once a week. I started with the most sensitive disc and made sure that I did not apply too much pressure in the early treatments. This way you can slowly build up the exfoliation without damaging the skin. The official video recommends that you do a skin test the first time you try the system on a small patch of skin, so that you can see whether you have sensitive skin.

Using this home microderm tool kit was a little tricky at first, but after a couple of treatments you start to really get the hang of it, whether you've tried other kits before or not. Some people say that you can see improvements immediately but many others, including myself, found that it took a good 2 or 3 sessions before I could really say that I noticed a difference.

It takes around 15 to 20 minutes maximum per treatment. Here's what I do:

  1. Cleanse and dry my face thoroughly and make sure that my hair is in a pony-tail.
  2. I tighten the area to be exfoliated with my fingers, switch the machine on and exfoliate. It is important to keep the skin tight because this means that as well as exfoliating, this product uses a suction technique to encourage the flow of blood and collagen towards the surface. The key is not to over-exfoliate and to keep the unit moving, otherwise you can damage your skin.
  3. I cover my cheeks, chin and forehead with the larger discs then switch to a smaller disc for the nose area and any others areas where the bone structure prevented a good suction action. As recommended by the manufacturer, I am always very careful to avoid the delicate eye area as this could cause damage.
  4. After exfoliation, I wash my face again to get rid of the dead cells and use a toner to neutralise the PH balance. I wait five minutes to let the toner dry, then apply a generous amount of skin renewal serum - the manufacturers recommend Boske Molecular Repair or M2 Skin Refinish although they do say that other brands will work too.
  5. I then apply sunscreen (I do this as standard anyway after any microdermabrasion treatment).
  6. Lastly, I am always careful to hand-wash the filter inside the machine (you just take off the cap and disc to get to it) to stop dead skin from getting into the vacuum unit. It only takes a couple of minutes you just run it under warm water.

I was extremely careful not to over-do the exfoliation on my first treatment -- I have heard of some people who suffered from very dry skin and even peeling after their treatment and I wanted to avoid this. I have now had four treatments and I agree with those who found a gradual improvement rather than a dramatic one. I am now at the stage where I can really see a difference in the brightness and texture of my skin. It is tempting to apply too much pressure but you really do have to hold back as you can actually break the skin if you are too heavy-handed.

What Does the PMD System Achieve?

This home kit is quite unusual in that it is suitable for the face and other areas of the body such as the hands, elbows and feet. SkincareRX claims it achieves the following:

Despite the good reviews, I was quite skeptical about using the product. It does feel like a big commitment due to the price of the unit and, understandably, I was worried that it would not work. So I was very relieved (and very pleased) when I saw the good results.

The Personal Microderm System does cost more up-front so you have to look at it as an investment and be committed to using it on a regular basis, but you should start to see an improvement after a couple of sessions. Other reviews on beauty blogs that I have read are actually pretty much in line with my own findings. I have also come across quite a few reviews from ladies with acne scarring who say that it has helped them. The great thing about it is that you can also use it on other parts of the body, which makes the price far easier to swallow.

Read more on Personal Microderm System from SkinCareRX

Bottom Line

The PMD kit sold by SkincareRx is a device which uses aluminium oxide crystals to remove dead skin cells, reducing age spots and imperfections and resulting in younger looking skin. One of the key strengths is that it uses the same technology that is used in clinics, so that you can benefit from the same professional results at a fraction of the price. But does it live up to its promises?

Why Use This Home Microdermabrasion Kit?

Although it can be hard to part with your favourite tried and tested microdermabrasion treatments such as Youthful Essence, the Personal Microderm kit does offer value for money and incredible flexibility to tailor your treatment plan to your own personal skin type and requirements:

Here's what results you can expect to achieve?


Some users report medium to severe dryness of the skin, although most people do not experience this problem. One factor might be the cell renewal cream. The manufacturers recommend that the system has to be used in conjunction with a cell renewal or gentle skin resurfacing cream for best results and you should make sure that you follow their instructions to the letter. I would say, though, that if you do get dry skin, don't give up on it but adjust the routine a little by switching to the more sensitive exfoliation disc or adjusting your own exfoliation pressure. It may just be that your skin needs time to adjust.

Whereas most other dermabrasion kits are used monthly, this home kit should be used once a week for best results, so it does mean that you need to invest a little more time in your skin rejuvenation routine. However, once you've been using it for a few weeks, it does feel like the results get quicker and personally, I don't see this aspect to be a major problem as the enhanced results are worth it.

I am not surprised that the Personal Microderm System is becoming so popular and receives so many great reviews. It may not be cheap but it offers great value for money and delivers what it advertises if used regularly and according to the instructions.

Advertised Results of this Product: Effective at dealing with age spots, skin discolorations and other imperfections; delivers a smooth and even complexion.

What Does the Personal Microderm System Achieve?


According to the numerous reviews on the Internet, the PMD System is very effective in reducing the appearance of blemishes and imperfections, including acne scarring, as well as making the skin smoother and healthier-looking. Some users report seeing the benefits from the very first treatment although many agree that it takes a few treatments for the full effects to be seen and that the benefits become more apparent the longer it is used. Many users also find it extremely effective at improving the texture on other parts of the body, particularly the hands.


It is expensive and you run the risk of wasting money if you decide not to continue with it for any reason -- this is a long-term product after all. A few users reported medium to severe dryness and/or peeling.

What Do People Say About It?

Personal Microderm System Reviews from Consumers

In a Nutshell

What Is It? Personal Microderm System is a home microdermabrasion system from Age Sciences.
How Much Does It Cost? Around $180
Rating from Reviews 4 Stars out of 5 - 5 stars excellent, 1 star poor
Where To Buy It From?
  • SkincareRX (on special offer)
  • Beauty stores
  • Drugstores
How To Use It
Professional or Personal Kit? Personal kit (home kit)
Does The Manufacturer Offer Training? What's this? An instructional CD is supplied with the system, which is also downloadable from their website.
Can Be Used On
  • Face
  • Neck
  • Décolleté
  • Hands
  • Feet
  • Elbows
How Many Steps Does It Involve? 5
How Frequently Can You Use It?
  • Weekly
How Long Does It Last For? Regular treatments are recommended
What To Do After Treatment?
  • Apply treatment toner
  • Apply cell renewal serum
  • Apply sunscreen
Can You Use Makeup After Treatment? What's this?
  • Yes
Safety & Risks
When To Avoid It?
  • Broken or abraded skin
  • Other serious sensitive-skin disorders or infections
Is It Safe To Use? Yes
Side Effects What's this? Dry skin in some cases, skin can be broken if too much pressure is applied
Can It Irritate Your Skin? What's this? Skin can be broken if too much pressure is applied
Can It Cause Scarring? What's this? Skin can be broken if too much pressure is applied, causing a scab to form
Can It Cause Skin Damage? What's this? Yes
Can It Cause Acne Breakouts? What's this? Yes
Can It Cause Bruising? What's this? No
Does It Leave Your Skin Red? What's this? Yes
Does It Make The Skin Age? What's this? No
How Long Does It Take To See Results? Sometimes immediately, generally two to three treatments
Is It Effective? Yes
How Long Do Results Last? What's this? Ongoing treatment
Does It Help?
Remove Acne Scars? What's this? Yes
Erase Wrinkles And Fine Lines? What's this? Yes
Get Rid Of Blotchy Skin? What's this? Yes
Minimize Enlarged Pores? What's this? Yes
Eliminate Freckles? What's this? Yes
Treat Hyperpigmentation? What's this? Yes
Remove Sun Spots? What's this? Yes
Even Out Skin Tone? What's this? Yes
Remove Age Spots? What's this? Yes
Get Rid Of Stretch Marks? What's this? Yes
Stimulate Collagen Production? What's this? Yes
Get Rid Of Blackheads? What's this? Yes
Unclog Pores? What's this? Yes
Get Rid Of Whiteheads? What's this? Yes
Improve Complexion? What's this? Yes
Restore Dull Skin? What's this? Yes
Make Skin Smoother? What's this? Yes
Remove Tattoos? What's this? No
Remove Vergetures? What's this? No
Can You Use System On
Rosacea What's this? No
Active Acne What's this? Yes
Eczema What's this? No
Psoriasis What's this? No
Keratosis What's this? No
Lupus What's this? No
Severe Skin Disorders and Infections What's this? No
Broken or Abraded Skin What's this? No
African American Skin What's this? Yes
Sensitive Skin What's this? Yes
Dry Skin What's this? Yes
Acne-Prone Skin What's this? Yes
Can You Use The Product After
Retin-A What's this? Yes
Sponge What's this? Yes
Cloth What's this? No
Applicator What's this?
(changeable parts)
Crystal Cream What's this?
(type of crystals used)
Yes Aluminum oxide crystals
Brush What's this? No
Vacuum System What's this? No
Pre-care Products What's this? No
Post-care Hydrating Cream What's this? No
Post-care Nurturing Cream What's this? No
Post-care Calming Cream What's this? No
Other Kit Contents What's this? Unit, power cord, reusable filter, instructional CD, starter kit discs, cap for face, cap for body
Who Makes It? Age Sciences
Where Is Age Sciences Located US
How Long Have Age Sciences Been Making A Home Microderm Kit? N/A
Specialized In Microdermabrasion Only? No.
VIP Or Expert Endorsement No
Available In U.S. - other countries not known
Before And After Pictures No
Microderm Kit Pictures Yes
Do They Send Out Samples? Unknown

The Official Product Presentation