Microderm in Fort Worth, Texas

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William F. Cothern D.O.

Serving the city of Fort Worth, Texas, board certified Dr. William F. Cothern's facility offers Botox, FotoFacial, ReLume, microdermabrasion, tattoo removal, spider veins laser treatments and others. A short explanation of the microdermabrasion procedure is available, but the website does not provide any before/after photos or answers to FAQ's.

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Advanced Laser Clinics

Microdermabrasion, LightPulse skin renewal, Botox, vein therapy, acne treatments are the main procedures provided by the Fort Worth, TX office of this nation-wide network of cosmetic clinics & centers. The website includes a detailed description of the microdermabrasion process, which employs the use of aluminium oxide crystals.

Center for Cosmetic & Reconstructive Surgery

For over twenty years, board certified Dr. David Lavine provides surgical procedures and skin care treatments, including tummy tuck, otoplasty, liposuction, microdermabrasion, medical facials and lip enhancement. At his practice, located in Fort Worth, TX, microdermabrasion is delivered using “micro-crystals”; the process is briefly described on the website.

The Aesthetic Connection

Microdermabrasion, photorejuvenation, acid peels, laser hair removal are some of the procedures performed by Dr. Lydia Luna at her office located in Fort Worth, Texas. Lasting about 45 minutes, microdermabrasion treatment - based on the usage of aluminum oxide micro crystals - is explained in some detail.

Basith Ghazali, M.D., F.A.C.S.

Through its two Texas offices - located in the cities of Fort Worth and North Richland Hills -, board certified plastic surgeon Dr. Basith Ghazali provides surgical procedures and medical spa services: breast augmentation, breast reduction, tummy tuck, liposuction, facelift, nose surgery, medical spa services including Restylane, facials, and microdermabrasion. There is no description about the microdermabrasion procedure, which is charged as follows:

NOTE: The information on this page was last checked for accuracy in June 2007. Please contact the surgeries for up to date information.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Do You See Results After The First Microdermabasion?

A: Yes, results are visible after the first microdermabration. especially if we are talking about in-office microdermabarasion which is more effective than at-home sets. Best results are obtained after 6 to 12 sessions (depending on your expectations and severity of skin imperfections), respectively one month of use for one of the home microdermal abrasion set.

Q: Micro Derm Abrasion Is It Dangerous After Accutane (Isotretinoin)?

A: Derma microabrasion is not recommended for patients taking Accutane. This acne treatment works by reducing the amount of oil produced by the skin's sebaceous glands which reduces the skin's ability to recover after body or facial exfoliation. Having microderm abrasions while on Accutane may cause permanent scarring. This applies to home products and office treatment.

Q: Micro Derma Abrasion Is It Safe If You Have Sensitive Skin?

A: Do-It-Yourself micoderm abrasion kit is appropriate for all skin types (including those with sensitive skin ) because this procedure sandblasts only the outermost skin layer which is made of dead skin cells. There's no damage to live tissue which could cause scarring or severe irritation. The exfoliation process involved in microabrasion helps the skin renew itself quicker and more effectively.

Q: Does Microdermal Abrasion Make Sun Damaged Skin Smooth?

A: Microabrasions system removes the outermost layer of the skin by sandblasting it with a jet of micro crystals. During the procedure, part of the pigment is physically eliminated and, at the same time, collagen production is stimulated so that your skin regains its density and elasticity. After 6 to 12 microdermabrasion treatments, the skin cells damaged by the sun are entirely removed and new, healthy skin cells take their place.

Q: How Can Microdermal Abrasion Help Erase Acne Marks?

A: By removing the top layer of the skin, home microderm diminishes or even removes superficial acne marks. Deeper acne marks require a more invasive procedure, like a deep chemical peel or laser skin resurfacing.

Q: Does Microderma Work On Young People?

A: Microabrasions is safe for young people of all skin types but most doctors recommend it for patients aged 14 and older, mainly because they want to make sure that all major hormonal changes are over and the results of the procedure are as good as they can be.

Q: How Can Microderm Abrasion Make Wrinkles Fade?

A: Microdermibrasion machine works on fine wrinkles. It evens out skin texture through abrasion of the top layer of skin. The effect is a reduction or even total removal of superficial wrinkles. Deeper wrinkles need a more invasive non-surgical technique, like a deep chemical peel or laser resurfacing.

Q: Microdermabasion Vs Chemical Peels. Which Is Better??

A: Chemical peels involve applying a mild acid solution to the skin that exfoliates the upper layers of the skin, while microabrasions is a mechanical peel that uses a stream of crystals (or a diamond tip wand) and suction to gently exfoliate the skin. Deeper chemical peels can be more effective than.

Q: How Long After Micro Derma Brasion Can You Go To Work?

A: You can return to work immediately after having microdermasion. The mild redness on your skin will disappear in a few hours.

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