Microderm in Jacksonville, Florida

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Jacksonville Cosmetic Surgery Center

Board certified, plastic surgeon Dr. A.H. Nezami offers a wide range of treatments at this Jacksonville Cosmetic Surgery Center (microdermabrasion, liposuction, face lift, skin care, laser hair removal, permanent makeup). Microdermabrasion is performed by using micro aluminum oxide or salt crystals. Appointments can be scheduled either by telephone or email.

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SkinSpa Rx, Jacksonville

This spa located in Jacksonville, Florida offers facial and body rejuvenation treatments under the supervision of Board Certified in Preventive Medicine for Anti-Aging Therapies, Dr. Gregory L. Smith. The procedures include microdermabrasion, Botox, vein treatments, wrinkle reduction, hydrotherapy, thermage, acne reduction. Vibradermabrasion is the specific type of microdermabrasion used, together with its Infusion Paddle.

Aelan Medical Spa

This medical spa with two offices in Jacksonville and St. Augustine, Florida provides liposuction, microdermabrasion & micropeel, photofacial & photorejuvenation, injectables & fillers, permanent makeup, mesotherapy & lipodissolve. The website offers very brief information about micro dermabrasion. Both phone and email can be used for appointments.

Barefoot Medspa

Dr. Howard J. Groshell's practice in Jacksonville, Florida offers through its Wellness Center a wide range of alternative medicine, stress reduction techniques and medical aesthetics procedures, such as: reflexology, manual lymphatic drainage, herbal stimulating cellulite treatment, aqua detox, microdermabrasion, acupuncture, homeopathy. There is very little info about microderm abrasion in general and no specification on the particular methods utilized.

Michael H. Freedland

ABPS certified, Dr. Michael H. Freedland's facility in Bloomfield Hills, Michigan provides cosmetic surgery, body contouring, and skin rejuvenation procedures (including breast reduction, facial implants, abdominoplasty, microdermabrasion, chemical peel, laser skin resurfacing), as well as some other medical aesthetic and spa services through Visage Spa. The Parisian Peel machine is used for microdermabrasion, while the Diamond Tone system is employed at Visage Spa for Microdermabrasion Plus treatments.

NOTE: The information on this page was last checked for accuracy in June 2007. Please contact the surgeries for up to date information.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Does Micro Derma Brasion Make Tattoos Less Visible?

A: Microdermabarasion works by sandblasting the outermost skin layer but cannot abrade deeper skin layers where tattooed skin cells are which is why it cannot be used for tattoo removal. Removing tattoos requires laser or surgical procedures which are invasive enough to reach pigmented skin cells.

Q: Does Microdermabration Help Dry Skin?

A: Do-It-Yourself microdermabration kit is appropriate for all skin types (including those with dry skin ) because this procedure sandblasts only the outermost skin layer which is made of dead skin cells. There's no damage to live tissue which could cause scarring or severe irritation. The exfoliation process involved in beauty salon microdermbrasion helps the skin renew itself quicker and more effectively.

Q: Can Micro Derma Brasion Work While On Benzoyl Peroxide?

A: Benzoyl peroxide users should not have microdermabrastion Used at the same time as BP (benzoyl peroxide) microdermabasion can make the skin overly sensitive and can severely irritate the skin. This applies to over the counter product and specialist treatment.

Q: Micro Derm Abrasion Is It Good For Rosacea?

A: Rosacea is one of the main contraindications of microdermabrasion, because the exfoliation process worsens rosacea symptoms (redness, itchiness, flaking). OTC microdermabrasion systems are not recommended either (even though they are milder).

Q: Does Microbrasion Work For Your Skin?

A: By resurfacing the top layer of the skin, do-it-yourself microbrasion is effective. After a full treatment of 6-12 sessions, most people notice significant improvement in skin tone and texture. The face looks younger, feels smoother, and has fewer superficial scars, fine wrinkles, enlarged or clogged pores. More severe skin imperfections require more invasive procedures like laser or chemical peeling. Over The Counter microbrasion is also not as effective as beauty salon microdermabration.

Q: Side Effects Of Micro Derm Abrasion?

A: Doctors and patients alike agree that microderm abrasian has very few side effects, like temporary discoloration of the treated area, sun sensitivity, flaking and redness. These are not abnormal reactions, but you should discuss them with your doctor if they occur.

Q: How Can Microderma Help Treat Hyperpigmentation?

A: Microderm abrasion set works on hyperpigmentation. The micro-crystal flow abrades the top layer of the skin where unevenly pigmented skin cells are stuck. Several spa microdermabrasion sessions are required to even out skin tone and get rid of hyperpigmentation.

Q: How Can Micro Derm Abrasion Make Skin Complexion Improve?

A: This procedure exfoliates the top layer of skin which consists of dead skin cells. Microbrasion tool stimulates collagen production, essential to a beautiful face complexion and also evens out skin texture and tone.

Q: Does Micro Derma Brasion From Youthful Essence Work?

A: The Self microdermbrasion set from Youthful Essence is effective for some people and isn't for others. There are many happy customers who say that Youthful Essence set does make their skin look younger and feel smother. On the other hand, there are some unhappy costumers who say the kit is either too harsh, causing them irritations or break outs, or not very effective in diminishing fine scars and wrinkles. The only way to find out if the set works for you is to try to get a free sample and test the formula on your skin.

Q: How Can Micro Dermal Abrasion Help Even Out Acne Scarring?

A: By removing the top layer of the skin, OTC microdemabrasion diminishes or even removes superficial acne scarring. Deeper acne scarring require a more invasive procedure, like a deep chemical peel or laser skin resurfacing.

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