Microderm in Phoenix, Arizona

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Phoenix Skin Medical Surgical Group

The physicians at Phoenix Skin Medical Surgical Group and Cosmetic Surgery Group are all board certified specialists. Dr. Lee Laris is the Medical Director and the hair transplantation and dermatology specialist of the clinic.

Phoenix Indulge Salon & Day Spa

Located in Phoenix, in the Tramonto Marketplace, Indulge Day Spa offers massage, waxing, facial, hair and nails services at decent prices.

Mark Malek Plastic Surgery

Dr. Marc Malek performs or coordinates the following procedures: laser resurfacing and hair removal, microdermabrasion, botox and face and neck lifts. Kellie Jones is the skin care professional of the clinic. A Licensed Medical Aesthetician, she is certified in laser and works in conjunction with Dr. Malek to counsel patient's pre and post surgery.

The Body Sculpting Center

Opened in Phoenix Arizona more than 20 years ago, this accredited facility has trained doctors and consultants who perform surgical and non-surgical procedures in hospital-like conditions.

Perfect Skin Laser Center

MD Richard Burgmeier founded Perfect Skin Laser Center in 2000 with the goal of offering laser and skin treatments to patients in the Arizona Area. He and his staff offer Thermage face lifts, Smoothbeam laser for acne, PhotoDynamic Skin Rejuvenation with Levulan, and Fraxel Laser treatments, along with non-invasive procedures like chemical peels and microdermabrasion.

NOTE: The information on this page was last checked for accuracy in June 2007. Please contact the surgeries for up to date information.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How Can Microbrasion Help Remove Tattoos?

A: You can use micro abrasion on tattooed skin with no risk or side effects. This skin resurfacing technique is too mild to remove tattoos.

Q: Microdermal Abrasion Is It Recommended For Sensitive Skin?

A: Personal microdermbrasion cream is appropriate for all skin types (including those with sensitive skin ) because this procedure sandblasts only the outermost skin layer which is made of dead skin cells. There's no damage to live tissue which could cause scarring or severe irritation. The exfoliation process involved in clinic microderm abrasions helps the skin renew itself quicker and more effectively.

Q: Can You See A Difference After Using Micro Derma Brasion Just Once?

A: Yes, results are visible after the first micro abrasion. especially if we are talking about professional microderm abrasions which is more effective than at-home sets. Best results are obtained after 6 to 12 sessions (depending on your expectations and severity of skin imperfections), respectively one month of use for one of the do-it-yourself microderm abrasions kit.

Q: How Can Micro Derma Brasion Make Enlarged Pores Less Visible?

A: Microderm abrasions product stimulates collagen growth which is why it's effective on enlarged pores. Collagen production is stimulated through skin exfoliation. Furthermore, the vacuum function of most microderma equipment sucks out hardened oil, dust and other dirt which may clog your pores. This way, the oil in the glands can again reach the surface of your skin and your pores can return to their natural shape and size.

Q: Does Micro Derm Abrasion Make A Difference On Uneven Skin Tone?

A: Uneven skin tone is the result of a skin disorder called hyperpigmentation. It can be evened out through several sessions of microabrasion. The micro-crystal flow abrades the top layer of the skin where unevenly pigmented skin cells are stuck.

Q: Does Micro Dermabration Help With Blotchy Skin?

A: This procedure exfoliates the top layer of skin which consists of dead skin cells. Macrodermabrasion tool stimulates collagen production, essential to healthy skin and also removes blotchy skin texture and tone.

Q: How Good Is Microdermabasion On The Neck?

A: Self microdermbrasion products can be used on your neck as long as it's especially formulated as a face derma microabrasion set (unless otherwise stated). Using a body micro dermabration machine on your neck may be too harsh and result in irritation. Professional microdermal abrasions is suitable for use on the neck.

Q: How Is Micro Derm Abrasion Different From Exfoliation?

A: Regular cosmetic exfoliation are too harsh to be used on the face. Microdermabarasion products use aluminum oxide, sodium bicarbonate or pearl micro crystals to gently abrade the skin without causing irritations or scarring.

Q: How Can Micro Abrasion Make A Difference On Acne?

A: Some doctors say that beauty salon derma microabrasion can work on mild acne without any risk of irritation or break-outs. There are a few studies published online that show that microderm can be an effective treatment for mild acne. Other specialists recommend against using micro dermabration as acne treatment, especially on moderate or severe acne. Acne makes the skin more sensitive and prone to breakouts and exfoliation can cause severe scarring and additional inflammation.

Q: Does Microbrasion Help Restore Healthy-Looking Skin?

A: Healthy-looking skin needs elasticity and density, both achievable through skin cell renewal. Microdermabasion tool abrades the outermost skin layer and stimulates skin renewal. An effective skin renewal process results in increased elasticity and density. Moreover, the vacuum function of the microdermabration equipment sucks up dirt and hardened oil to reveal an even skin texture and tone.

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