Review of Vita-K Micro Dermabrasion Kit

I haven't tried any of the Vita K products, but my good friend, Rihana, has used the Vita-K Microdermabrasion system for a few weeks after receiving it as a gift from her mother.

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How Does Vita-K Microdermabrasion Work?

The kit is available on several beauty websites for $20, while the 3 sponge set is $5. The system has a jar of Resurfacing Cream, a Smoothing Serum and a Dermabrasion Unit with two sponge attachments. The thing that intrigues me most is that the so called resurfacing cream has no exfoliating ingredients in it.

Its microderm cream uses many chemical substances which moisturize, soothe and make the skin velvety, but that's about all. Although Vitamin K (the most important ingredient in the Vita K products) has anti-inflammatory qualities, it does nothing to speed up the skin's renewal process.

The only way this micro derm kit abrades the skin is with the help of the sponge which detaches dead or damaged skin cells as it rubs against the skin. If you ask me, this is not microdermabrasion at all, but then again, there are consumers who claim the Vita K kit has helped them improve their unevenly toned skin and fine lines.

One thing Rihana asked me to include in this review is that the kit doesn't include the AA batteries you need for the rotating device, so after you buy the kit make sure to also get the necessary batteries.

How To Use The Vita-K Product

The instructions say to use the kit daily for best results, but Rihana used the product once every other day, because she believed daily use would be too much for her dark skin. This is how she used the kit over a 6 week period:

  1. She cleaned her face with warm water, then applied a small amount of Resurfacing Cream onto the face.
  2. She attached the sponge to the rotating device, turned it up and started massaging her skin with circular motions for 10 seconds on every area.
  3. She rinsed the skin with warm water and washed the sponge with soap.
  4. She applied a thin layer of Smoothing Serum over treated areas.

What Does Vita-K Dermabrasion Do?

Rihana wasn't very happy with the Vita K kit. "The thing I least liked was the sponge, which was very thin and tore apart after only a few uses. On the other hand, I did like the cream because it didn't cause any side effects. The after-care serum was too oily for my skin and I had to replace it with my regular hydrating night cream after the first two uses. After about 3 weeks, however, the pores on my nose and cheeks were smaller and my face was more evenly toned, but my wrinkles were still there. My conclusion is that Vita K Microdermabrasion Kit is an average product", says Rihana.

Some happy reviewers say they use the product regularly because it is affordable and has some results on dull skin, while some upset users complain about the lack of results and how the sponges break down easily.

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